ATBSO(SA) By-Laws as at 10th November, 2021

Tournament Rules

01. ATBSO (SA Div.) Inc. tournaments are open to all financial Members of the ATBSO (SA) Inc.and Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA). Tournaments are also open to visiting ATBSO(N) Inc. members providing they are financial members of TBA and the ATBSO home state. All ATBSO SA/TBA rules will govern these events.

02. There will be no smoking for the duration of any ATBSO(SA) tournament or event

03. Alcoholic beverages may not be served or consumed by players for the duration of the tournament

04. Bowlers must wear the official ATBSO (SA Div.) Inc uniform. This consists of the official club shirt, Interstate Challenge Shirt or Masters winner’s shirt. Women are to wear navy or black skirts, skorts, dress shorts, tailored slacks or tailored ¾ slacks. Men are to wear navy or black trousers or dress shorts. Cargo style or other casual styles will not be permitted.

05. Unsporting behavior or foul language will not be tolerated.

06. Any protests must be given verbally to the Tournament Director immediately after the infraction has occurred and confirmed in writing to the Tournament Director within 30 minutes of the completion of the tournament.

07. Penalties - Failure to comply with rules will incur a warning for the first offence, $5 fine for a second offence, and disqualification from the tournament for a third and subsequence offence. At the Tournament Director's discretion..

08. Where possible, no tournaments to be scheduled to fall on either Mothers or Fathers Day.

Tournament Format

01. ATBSO (SA) tournaments are Singles and Doubles format. These events are conducted at nominated venues on dates as stipulated on the annual ATBSO (SA) calendar

02. To align us with the ATBSO National body, averages and handicaps will be kept on an ongoing basis from 1st June to the 30th May of the following year. The Secretary of the ATBSO National body will also keep a record of each bowler’s average and handicap. For existing bowlers, handicaps from previous year will be carried over for 18 games, (3 tournaments) into the new year.

03. Tournaments are run on a handicap of 90% of 200. Singles events have a prize fund paid out to Open and Restricted Divisions in the men's and only an Open Division in the women's.

In Singles tournaments, players with an average 184 and below for men will be in the Restricted Division. Players with an average of 185 and above for men will be in the Open Division. Both divisions include handicap.

04. Six (6) games will be bowled at each tournament with lane changes at the completion of each game, odds one pair to the left, evens one pair to the right or odds two to the left, evens two to the right at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

05. Check-in for singles and doubles will be from 9.00am to 9.30am. Check in for the AGM tournament will be 8:30am to 9:00am.

06.A starting lane draw is conducted, in the presence of all bowlers, after check-in has closed.

Challenge Roll-Off

01. To be eligible for the State Team roll-off, he/she must have competed in seven (7) of the events listed as Tournaments on the ATBSO (SA Div.) Inc. annual tournament calendar commencing with the first tournament after the previous year’s Roll-Off. The Challenge Roll-Off is not counted in the requirement of seven (7) tournaments.

02. (a) Players that have missed a scheduled Tournament due to illness or injury must provide a doctor’s certificate to the Secretary verifying such illness or injury at the next tournament attended. A maximum of two (2) medical certificates can be counted towards the seven (7) required tournaments for eligibility for the State Team roll-off.

(b) Committee member(s) may be required to “stand down” at a tournament to enable scoring etc., to be maintained in the records. If this is required that person will be recorded as present and their “stand down” counted as a tournament towards the required seven (7) tournaments for eligibility into the Challenge Roll-Off(Maximum of two(2) "stand downs" allowed).

(c) If a player is representing TBA in a TEAM and said representation falls on a calendared ATBSO S.A. tournament date the player may apply to the Secretary to be accredited as a tournament towards ATBSO S.A. Roll-off qualifying.

03. There is no age restriction for non-bowling Team officials, i.e., managers and coaches.

04. Each competitor:
(a) Must be 45 years or over at the date of the commencement of the ATBSO National “Seniors Week” for that year.

(b) Must be a financial member of the ATBSO (SA Div.) Inc. and Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA).

(c) Must conduct his/herself in a manner not to discredit the ATBSO (SA) Inc. and ATBSO (N) Inc.

05. Twenty-one (21) games will be bowled over three (3) consecutive days on the proclaimed long weekend in March. (As the Interstate Challenge is bowled over three consecutive days it should be considered as a criteria for a three day Roll-off event.) Should there not be a proclaimed long weekend in March then 14 games will be bowled over two consecutive days on a weekend in March and a further 7 games on the Sunday of the following weekend.

06.Bowlers will nominate the division in which they wish to compete. There will be a Restricted Division, based on the existing handicap calculation of 90% of 200, and Open and Classic Divisions which will be scratch. For a bowler to be eligible to compete in the Handicap Division, they must have an ATBSO average of 169 or below for women and 179 or below for men on the first day of the Roll Off.

The top six (6) qualifiers in both men’s and women’s Scratch Division shall be the Open Challenge Teams.

The next (6) male bowlers in the Scratch Division, ie The bowlers that finished 7th to 12th shall be the Classic Challenge Team.
Where the bowler that finished 7th to 12th has an average and over 199 for men AND there are no bowlers in the top 6 that qualify for the classic team and wish to move to classic, those bowlers will be unsuccessful and the next qualifying bowler(13th,14th etc), will be elevated to the classic team.
Where a bowler that finished in the top 6 places and their entering average is 199 or below for men, the bowler may opt to move to the classic team providing there is a bowler with an average of 199 or under that wishes to move up to the Open team. However, they may not displace a bowler that successfully qualified for the Classic team.

The top six (6) qualifiers in both men’s and women’s Handicap Division shall be in the Restricted Challenge Teams.

Where there is insufficient bowlers in the Open division to make up both teams(less than 12) for Men and (6 for ladies) the top eligible bowlers will be invited to participate in both the Open and Classic teams. Where there are less than (6) bowlers in the open division or there are insufficient eligible bowlers for the classic team, a bowler(s) from the handicap division may be invited to bowl in either the open team, or a draft bowler from another state may be engaged.

If a selected bowler is unable to take their place in the team, his or her place will be filled by the next placed and available bowler of the same gender.
Each competitor shall comply with the conditions of entry in the State Team Roll-Off.

Each Team Member will be required to sign the Bowler’s Contract.

All State Team bowling commitments shall be bowled on lanes that are similar to the surfaces that will be encountered in the National Challenge of the same year.

ATBSO(SA) Masters

01. To be eligible for the ATBSO (SA Div.) Inc. Masters event, he/she must have competed in six (6) of the scheduled number of tournaments commencing with the first tournament after the previous year’s Masters event to determine the bowlers average and therefore classification. Closing time for entry in the Masters event will be the close of check-in on the nominated first Masters date as per ATBSO (SA Div.) Inc. Annual Tournament Calendar.

02. Each competitor:
(a) Must be 45 years or over at the date of the commencement of the ATBSO National “Seniors Week” for that year.

(b) Must be a financial member of the ATBSO (SA Div.) Inc. and Tenpin Bowling Australia (TBA).

(c) Must conduct his/herself in a manner not to discredit the ATBSO (SA) Inc. and ATBSO (N) Inc.

(d) A bowler may enter only one (1) division of the Masters.

03. The event will be held over two consecutive ATBSO (SA Div.) Inc. tournaments and be a total of twelve (12) games. The bowlers with the highest pinfall in the Women’s and Men’s Open, Classic and Restricted divisions will be declared the Champions. For the Restricted division it will include handicap.

04. In the event that a winner can not travel to the Interstate Challenge the next qualifier travelling will represent S.A. but their entry fee will be paid by the bowler. The rescinding winner will receive only the Master’s Shirt.

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