Monthly Tournament Information

Monthly Tournament Overview

Open to all bowlers (male and female) aged 35 years and over holding TBA membership.

Bowlers aged 35 to 44 years will be “Associate Members” allowing participation in the monthly ATBSO(SA) tournament only. To be eligible for the annual ATBSO National tournament, bowlers must be 45 years old before the commencement of that event. Bowlers turning 45 after the commencement of the National event are not eligible to roll off in the National team trials in that year. Please note there is other state based criteria to participate in the National team trials. The annual membership fee is $30.00. You bowl 6 games for a cost of $55 under TBA Rules.


Dress Code

To ensure ATBSO (SA) is presented as a high quality bowling community, a strict dress code is required and enforced. A $5 fine can be imposed if not adhered to. The following dress standard is required:

Skirt, slacks, dress shorts or ¾ pants - Black or navy
Shirt - Must be ATBSO SA division member’s club or state shirt , or seniors masters winner’s shirt.

Slacks or dress shorts - Black or navy, NO cargo pants or jeans permitted.
Shirt - Must be ATBSO SA division member’s club or state shirt , or seniors masters winner’s shirt.

Member shirts are available at a cost of $50 and can be ordered from the ATBSO(SA) treasurer or just ask any committee member for assistance.
Bowlers are required to purchase a seniors member shirt before their third event.

Tournament Information

Handicaps are based on 90% of 200 and for new members which is determined by your average after your first six (6) games. This average is maintained for eighteen (18) games.

This average is maintained for eighteen (18) games. After bowlers have bowled in three monthly ATBSO (SA) events, the average will be re-calculated each month and updated after each tournament.

Masters Representatives for the association at the nationals will be awarded to the top qualifier in each division following two tournaments selected by the committee. It is the total of the two tournaments that defines the winner. Handicap will only be included in graded division. >br>
Fundraising: To assist with the subsidising of our national teams and monthly awards, a number of fundraising activities are held each month. Raffle tickets are sold at most tournaments for a meat tray plus the 100 club draw for $50 is held monthly at a cost of $2.

Although, not fundraising, at each tournament an optional “Pot Game” competition is held. Three games are randomly selected. Two will include handicap and one will be scratch. Any bowler can participate but there is no obligation – see a committee member for more details.

Other fundraising events may occur from time to time – members are strongly encouraged to participate and if possible, donate prizes.


Interstate Challenge (not available to Associate Members)

The Interstate Challenge is an annual 3-day tournament with representative teams competing from all Australian States and Territories.

We submit 6 member teams representing the Male and Female Scratch Divisions, Mixed Male and Female Classic Division and Male and Female Graded Divisions. Each team plays each other State or Territory 3 times. Teams consist of 6 players, of which only 4 bowls at any one time. Each bowler must bowl a minimum of 10 games over the tournament.

Eligibility to Bowl in National Team Trials:
Any bowler wishing to participate in the ATBSO(SA) team trials must meet the following criteria:
1. Must be a current financial member.
2. Must reside in the state of South Australia 3. Must have bowled in a minimum of seven (7) ATBSO(SA) Inc. events in the year prior to the trials. E.g. March to March (TBA events are not included).
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