ATBSO SA Membership

Open to Male and Female Bowlers and to be eligible to join the ATBSO you have to be aged 35 years and
over but between 35yrs and 45yrs of age you would be classed as an Associate Member which means you
can compete in all monthly tournaments but would be ineligible for State Team Roll‐Offs and State Masters
Roll‐Offs until you age out at 45years of age…

Benefits of Being a Member
Bowling in monthly tournaments at various Bowling Centres in and around Adelaide..(dress codes apply)
Monthly random draw for a free entry into the next months Tournament….
Opportunity to win $50 in our 100 club draw for each tournament – cost $2 per/month….
Opportunity to earn State Shirts and Masters Shirts (45 years of age and over)
Opportunity to win our huge Christmas and Easter Raffles….
You get to bowl in TBA accredited events where all bowlers have verified averages….
We have a variety of formats including Singles and Doubles that you get to compete in….
All formats are handicapped 90% of 200 but our Singles format has both Scratch and Handicap payouts….
Experience fair and competitive play under TBA rules….
Opportunity to network with other bowlers not only in South Australia but Interstate as well….
Opportunity to represent South Australia in the Interstate Challenge (45 years of age and over)….
Interstate Challenge comprises of teams for Graded – Classic and Open.
Opportunity to make lasting friendships….

Where Your Membership Fee Goes
Annual financial report Lodgement fee (Consumer Affairs)
ATBSO National affiliation fees
Bank fees
Monthly draw for free entry into next tournament not transferable
Christmas lunch provided after the December Tournament
Postage and stationary
TBA Accreditation fees
Other costs
For further information please contact any member of the ATBSO SA Div Inc. Committee.