What is the Australian Tenpin Bowling Seniors Organisation South Australia?

The ATBSO SA was formed in December 1992 so that more experienced bowlers of South Australia could meet and compete in a friendly but competitive environment. We are part of the National ATBSO body, meet annually for the "Seniors Challenge Week".


What does the ATBSO SA do?

We meet once a month at various centres to bowl 6 games in a singles or doubles format. It is a handicapped competition to level the playing field for all bowlers. To be called a senior, you must be 45 years of age. However, to encourage a greater range of bowlers, the club is open to bowlers who are 35-44 years of age to become Associate Members. These youngsters can bowl each month, but are not eligible for National Challenge Seniors Week.

You can find the "Rules and Regulations" here, but if you have any queries, please don't hesitate to contact us.

If in doubt - come on out!
Senior bowlers are not old bowlers, we've just been doing it a little longer than some.

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